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District 97 at Molly Malones June 13, 2019




I’ve been following District 97 since their inception 10 years ago. To me they represented the future for fans of progressive rock. Led by drummer Jonathan Schang and Lead vocalist Leslie Hunt, their triumphant return to Los Angeles did not disappoint. 

This was the last show of their "PreScreening" tour to promote their new album due out in the fall called "Screens". Their compositional finesse combined with virtuoso musicianship all the way around, makes D97 a "musical freight train". Heavy as hell and impossible to stop. 

They played their new album "Screens" from beginning to end, and it sounds like a winner. Guitar giant Jim Tashjian, keyboard magician Andrew Lawrence and Bass monster TIm Seisser (seriously - his playing and tone was insanely great) filled the room with rhythmic and melodic thunder showing LA exactly how it should be done. 

All superlatives aside there really was a lot of amazing musicianship on display last night. And as one of the DIY acts out there they brought it on every level. And it was a joy to FINALLY see this unit live. Leslie Hunt's vocal prowess along with her sexy dance/yoga movement and poses were a joy to watch. Jonathan Schang, is one of the best drummers in the Prog Rock genre (or maybe any other genre)

This band is clearly having a great time playing together. 

My only criticism is that the venue didn't sound better and it's a shame that an amazing musical freight train like District 97 is relegated to playing tiny venues like this one. This writer can only imagine hearing them in a venue like The Rose or Canyon Club: venues specifically engineered for live music. Hopefully some heads up tour manager will discover this "best kept secret in music" and give them the tour exposure they deserve. 

Their previous albums and current album Screens can be pre ordered at



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