Hallmark Movie "The Mystery Cruise"


I designed and executed the main title and act opening pop up cards  for the Hallmark Movie "The Mystery Cruise".

Each act had a "pop up card" that then either transitioned into an establishing shot or the opening shot of the incoming scene. 

The boats were generated from stills and the others used the incoming scene as the "pop up"


"The Mystery Cruise" Main Title Design



Act Opening "Pop Up Cards"

This was the original Main Title design for "The Mystery Cruise"

This is the original Main Title design for "The Mystery Cruise" based on my initial conversations with the producers. If you're wondering about the planes, the production had a deal with Delta Air Lines to provide air transportation and there were NO airtravel shots in the movie. Hence I came up with the idea for the "airline route map" for the maintitle. 
The producers loved it, but the network didn't so I redesigned the main title with the flipping game cards that then form the Map.




Hallmark Channel Movie "My Gal Sunday"

This was the final Main Title design for "My Gal Sunday"


This is the final main title design for "My Gal Sunday". Much simpler than the original idea of the people running on the calendar. This is shown the way it would be "in context" of the way the movie was broadcast. 
I wrote the treatment for the closeup photography of the gun, the cup, and the final landing on the "day runner" appointment book. 
The day runner page was used as an opening graphic for each act. Nine different ones were designed and executed....the writing is...mine. 
I designed and executed the whole thing as well as animating the write ons and coordinating the final delivery with editorial and the finishing house. I delivered pieces with mattes so they could independently color correct the different elements.


This was the Original Main Title design for "My Gal Sunday"


This was my original idea for the main title design for "My Gal Sunday".
It turned out to be too costly to execute for the production. 
I intended to shoot the people live action and comp them onto the CG calendar.
I wanted the vibe to be reminiscent of a 1970's mystery show like Mannix or Columbo.