End of Year Sewage
Thursday, January 5, 2012 at 4:30PM
Fred Raimondi

If you're wondering about the title of this post, I e-mailed it to myself from my iPad, and the auto correct changed "Message" to "Sewage". In many ways, when you look at the end of the year like this, it really is like purging sewage, so I kept the title. The original message I wrote on New Year's Day is below. 

I guess it's human nature to look back on a year when it comes to an end. Even though the time boundaries are man made and the Universe REALLY doesn't know one second from another, I guess by virtue of the fact that man made time boundaries exist here on our planet, they have some effect on our lives and actions. But this post really isn't to talk about time and the universe, it's to look back on the past year. Which for us, has been a doozy. 

We lost two animals this year. Patches and Ditto. Both were completely unexpected. Cancer sucks. It took both of them. We miss them both. 



We got a new pooch, Tonka, and he is an unending source of entertainment.

We also made three new friends in the adoption process. Greg and Molly Wooton whose "Molly's Mutts and Meows" rescue organization found Tonka for us. They do so much good in saving these animals. Donate or adopt from them if you can. We also met Teka Martin, Canine Behaviorist Extraordinaire who trained Tonka. She's awesome.  

Cheryl and I were blessed with work this year, and there's really nothing to say about that other than, thank you Universe! We get to do what we love and get paid to do it and that's a blessing in itself.

A word about a word. The word being "Blessing(s)". I use this non denominationally and more in the sense of "good things that came our way".

We celebrated our 21st wedding anniversary, and got to spend an amazing Thanksgiving week with my family in NJ. We had a terrific time. These trips always leave me missing my family, but more importantly realizing how important they are to me. 

December arrived in the form of a wind storm that destroyed much of our property. Three 100 foot trees came down on our property from our neighbor's yard.  Luckily, our residence was OK but our pool house was completely destroyed, part of our garage was damaged, and much of our fencing was destroyed.

We're still accessing the damage to the pool, which is a lengthy process. Luckily insurance covered most of it, but we'll see just how much as we maxed out our policy. There's a lot to rebuild. It'll be a journey, but "when a door closes, a window opens". Our property will never be the same. In some ways I'm sure it will be better when we're done with the journey. So out of tragedy comes SOME good. Luckily, we weren't injured, the animals are OK and so is our house. We're thankful for that. 

Cheryl and I are both looking forward to new professional challenges in the New Year. 

Cheryl and I are so lucky to be surrounded by the most important things in life: family and friends. And we never forget it. You all enrich our lives and make it full. We thank you for being there for us. We probably don't say it enough, but we love you all.


Have a terrific 2012.

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